Even Stephen King Is Obsessed With Netflix's Viral New TV Hit

 Stephen King in Under The Dome.
Stephen King in Under The Dome.

They don’t call horror writer Stephen King the “King of Horror” for nothing. The Carrie author’s most memorable books and King's best movies tend to send shivers down the spines of many fans. He ended up experiencing that same feeling with his new obsession turning to Netflix’s viral new mini-series Baby Reindeer.

Fans have been obsessed with the Netflix new release Baby Reindeer, which is about one bartender’s act of kindness towards a distraught woman leads to him becoming a victim of stalking. The new Netflix series is at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and taking the #1 spot on Top TV Shows on the streaming service. Stephen King has entered the fandom of the black comedy-thriller series as he spoke out in an X post about what he felt watching this intense show.


My thoughts exactly. There are many shocking elements in Baby Reindeer that one might have trouble believing were based on the true tales of the show’s creator, writer and star. Richard Gadd. The Scottish talent took to the 2024 Netflix show to expose to his audience the hard times he went through being a survivor of stalking, male grooming and sexual assault.

Richard Gadd even knew it was a risk to create this show aware his real-life stalker would know about it (who, as you can imagine, had her own disputes about the show). While there are many moments in the thriller series that’ll make your eyes widen, its honest portrayal of Gadd’s real-life experiences shows we’re not alone in our struggles and the importance of speaking to someone about what’s going on in your head.

Leave it to Stephen King to point out Netflix’s best shows. His first recommendation for the popular streaming service’s show was Stranger Things, whose famed works inspired the sci-fi series. King’s feelings towards The Duffer Brothers show were nothing but positive, calling it “pure fun” and praising Winona Ryder. This followed throwing high praise towards the Netflix horror series Black Summer, and recently he was loving Jamie Dornan’s thriller series The Tourist. The IT writer also has streaming adaptations of his own works on Netflix that have generated a lot of love, like Gerald’s Game, 1922, The Mist, and more.

If Stephen King, who has graced fans with a number of scary stories, is clearly freaked out by the Netflix original Baby Reindeer, I’m sure you will be too. Its top Rotten Tomatoes rating and its ranking still being at the #1 spot shows that fans are really resonating with the show’s twisted plot and are delving into the hype. You can see why everyone is raving about the Richard Gadd-created series streaming right now with your Netflix subscription.