Everything you need to know about the Once Upon a Time musical episode

Emma Swan is walked down the aisle by Snow and Charming

After years of speculation, the showrunners of Once Upon a Time have confirmed some exciting news – this season will have its very own musical episode.

It’s a feat that has been included in a few unexpected shows in recent years including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Grey’s Anatomy.

While the producers are keeping the main details of the episode under wraps, a few interesting titbits have been revealed.

It has been confirmed that the show will be jam-packed, with seven musical numbers. One of these seven numbers will be a solo from Jennifer Morrison’s Emma Swan. Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla are also expected to have their own solos.

As many of the cast have backgrounds in musical theatre, it’s expected that the show will make use of their talents allowing them all to have a turn, however, a full rundown of all of the episode’s singers have yet to be confirmed.

While fans have been apprehensive about the prospect of a Once Upon a Time musical episode so far, if any show can pull off an all singing, all dancing extravaganza it is OUAT. After all, some of the most popular adaptations of the popular fairytales represented on the show are associated with stunning musical numbers.

The only question is, how will they write these songs into the show? Could it be a dream sequence? A new curse? Or will Henry be trying to make the last chapter of the story as bright and chirpy as possible?

The latest scoop is that the musical episode will not be a standalone and it will progress the series forward to set up the season finale.

Edward Kitsis has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that a “wide range” of people will be singing – from our favourite series regulars to cameos and people we wouldn’t expect. Most of the main cast will apparently be singing a number of songs and Granny, Grumpy, Gepetto and Henry are all rumoured to be amongst the surprising faces to be singing.

Perhaps most interestingly, all the songs will be originals. So, unfortunately, we won’t be able to sing along – at least on the first viewing…

What’s more Colin O’Donoghue has teased on Twitter that the musical episode will focus on Emma and Hook’s wedding, so surely we can expect a romantic song from the pair.

The musical episode isn’t the only exciting prospect this season. We’ve already seen the return of Alan Dale, Rose McIver and JoAnna Garcier Swisher returning as King George, Tinkerbell and Ariel, respectively. Will any other familiar faces show up in time for a singalong? Here’s hoping…