Exact date Met Office forecasts cooler spells after 30C temperatures

Temperatures are set to be a lot cooler from July 1
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The hot and humid spell is coming to an end with cooler and windy weather over the next few days says the Met Office. Temperatures are set to move closer to the seasonal average across the UK, with rain showers moving into the north of England and Scotland.

The Mirror reports that the wet weather could continue into the weekend in northern parts, with strong winds also expected. In the south, sunny spells will remain, but the soaring temperatures will start to drop with light winds moving in, the Met Office said.

Spokesman Grahame Madge said: "After the spell of warmth earlier this week, the UK forecast is pivoting rapidly to cooler and more unsettled conditions. This change is being driven by an unseasonably deep area of low pressure to the west of Scotland, this is bringing strong winds and rain to northern parts of the UK, including Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern England."

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"A cold front from this system is dragging cooler air eastwards across the rest of the UK. This is bringing temperatures down to much nearer average values. The UK outlook for the next few days is for periods of unsettled conditions to be interspersed with brighter spells."

The incoming unsettled weather period follows days of high temperatures earlier this week, with Wednesday the hottest day of the year so far, with a high of 30.3C recorded at Heathrow Airport. On Tuesday, the mercury topped 30C in Chertsey in Surrey.

The weather across the country is expected to turn cloudier on Monday, with rain moving in from the west, the forecaster said.

In Coventry, today will bring some bright spells to start in the east, with patchy rain arriving this evening, feeling humid with light winds, with a maximum temperature of 20C. Tonight will be clearer skies developing by dawn with light winds, with a minimum temperature of 10C.

Here is the Met Office outlook for Coventry over the next few days:


A bright start for most with cloud soon building. The odd shower is possible into the afternoon but most places stay dry. Light winds and feeling cooler than of late. Maximum temperature 19 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Dry to start with rain arriving later on Monday. Drier on Tuesday with some bright spells. Further spells of rain are likely through Wednesday. Temperatures are generally around average.

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