EXCLUSIVE: Magician Ben Hanlin plans Kanye West prank and set sights on Fresh Meat role

Tricked star Ben Hanlin wants to get all his magic buddies together to play a massive prank on Kanye West.


The 29-year-old magician thinks the rapper, 38, needs to get his comeuppance for all the “stupid things” he’s done, including ruining Taylor Swift’s moment of glory at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

He exclusively told Yahoo Celeb: “If I did a trick to Kanye he’d probably take credit for it. He’s done enough stupid things so someone should trick him.

"We should all chip in and play a big trick on him.

"I would love to go up to him and give him an award and then make it disappear and say, ‘It’s Taylor Swift again.’ ”


Ben - who is currently on the West End in stage show The Illusionists - previously pranked Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian but admits he didn’t know much about the reality star.

He added: “I didn’t really know her that well because I don’t watch the Kardashians, I just knew her as Kanye’s missus.

"I knew she’d seen pretty much everything so I needed to grab her attention. So I swallowed loads of needles and pulled them out on a thread.”


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As well as pranking celebs on his show Tricked, Ben is keen to extend his acting ability and has set his sights on a role in Channel 4 sitcom Fresh Meat.

He said: “I would love to be in Game of Thrones, or Fresh Meat. I could play the boyfriend that nobody likes and keeps coming round to use the shower all the time in Fresh Meat. I would enjoy being in a sitcom.”

Ben Hanlin is part of world’s best-selling magic show, The Illusionists, now showing in the West End at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre.