Explore Mars from the comfort of your own living room

Welcome to a new way of looking at the Red Planet.

As Nasa's Perseverance rover explores the Martian surface, Yahoo News' virtual, augmented reality (AR) experience gives you a unique look at some of the most notable features on the fourth rock from the Sun and enables you to share it with friends, family and children.

There's Olympus Mons, the highest known mountain in the solar system. Next, you can swipe right and see where Curiosity rover has landed in Gale crater in the equatorial region. It launched in 2011, and is still functioning.

How you can check out Mars in your local park.
How you can check out Mars in your local park.

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At the northernmost point is the expected landing site of the Tianwen-1 rover, China’s first Mars mission.

Then, you can see Nasa's Perseverance rover in the equatorial region. It landed in Jezero Crater on 18 February.

In the Southern Hemisphere, we can see Hellas Planitia which, at around 2,300 km in diameter, is one of the largest impact structures on Mars.

As you continue to swipe right, you can see an extremely long crack which is as long as the territories of the US. That’s the famous Valles Marineris.