'F*** you, Greek b******': Drunk's vile display left bar manager feeling 'unwelcome in England'

A bar manager said he felt he was 'not welcome in England' after he was verbally abused by a drunk pub goer.

Nathan Houghin, 45, shouted in the man's face and offered customers and staff outside the Ferry Hotel in Barrow-in-Furness. At around 9pm on May 7, 2023, the bar manager, who is Greek, noticed Houghin arguing and acting aggressively and politely asked him to leave the pub.

Houghin responded by grabbing the side of the table as if he was about to flip it, Preston Crown Court heard. The barman walked Houghin to the front door, but half an hour later the defendant returned, shouting: "Come on, I'll take you all!"


He slammed his hands down on the bar, shouting: "F*** you, you Greek b*****d, I'll take you all outside."

The bar man felt intimidated and felt Houghin was saying a Greek person was less important. A member of staff called the police and convinced Houghin to leave, but he remained outside for around 20 minutes, banging aggressively on the door.

When police arrived, they found Houghin, extremely drunk and slurring his words. They arrested him and took him to the custody suite at Barrow-in-Furness police station.

The Ferry Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness
The Ferry Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness -Credit:Google

In interview the following day, Houghin, of Ramsgate Crescent, Walney, denied committing any offence and said he'd had a bad week as two friends had taken their own lives. He drank a lot and did not remember anything of the night before, he added.

He later pleaded guilty to a section 4 public order offence.

In a victim statement, the bar manager said it was his first shift working at the pub. "The male was aggressive to everyone in the bar, including myself, members of staff and patrons", he said. "He refused to leave and was angry, shouting 'Greek b*****d, I'll have you, Greek t**t."

The man said he is proud to be Greek and feels England is his home. His children and partner are English but now feels unwelcome as a result of the abuse he suffered.

Houghin later said, through his defence barrister, that he was "being a k*** through drink" and would like to apologise to the bar manager. He recognised he had no right to behave the way he did and has learned from his mistake.

Sentencing, Recorder Paul Atherton said: "Your self-reflection is an accurate one. This is clearly a disturbing incident as described by your victim in his statement and it was quite long lasting. It went on for about 20 minutes.

"It was clearly very offensive to someone going about their lawful business."

He handed Houghin a 12 month community order with 20 days rehabilitation activity requirements and an alcohol treatment requirement.