F1 star Lando Norris needs push from fans after his £1.5m Lamborghini breaks down


F1 star Lando Norris found himself in need of a helping hand from fans when his £1.5m Lamborghini unexpectedly came to a halt in Monaco. The 24 year old McLaren driver from Somerset was forced to call for assistance as his vintage motor made an unexpected pit stop on the streets of the principality.

An eyewitness shared with The Sun: "He turned out into the road, the engine started whirring and just shut off, so he had to turn it off."

"He shouted over to a police officer, who asked four or five lads to help him push the car so it could get a running start."

"He was stopped for about five minutes and took the whole thing in his stride."

"Every enthusiast knows that the breakdowns are just part of owning a classic car."

"The guys were happy to help as they were huge fans, got to have a look at the car, and even had a laugh at Lando's expense."

"They can now say they've been part of an F1 pit crew."