‘That face represents all of England right now’: fans react to Prince George’s response to Euro 2020 loss

Prince George looking upset as England lost against Italy in the final of the Euro 2020 tournament on Sunday appears to have tugged on the heartstrings of the internet.

The seven-year-old royal had looked very happy at the start of the historic match, particularly as he celebrated England’s first goal.

The game marked the first time England has made it to the final of an international tournament since 1966.

However, after ending on a 1-1 score, the fate of the game was decided by penalty shootouts, resulting in Italy’s win.

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Prince George was photographed in the stands of Wembley stadium shortly afterwards, appearing very upset.

Photos show him being comforted by his father, the Duke of Cambridge, who placed two reassuring hands on his shoulders.

Many people on Twitter reacted to the photos, with users expressing their sadness at seeing the young royal being so visibly downtrodden.

“The sadness on Prince George’s face represents all of England,” tweeted one user in a post that has since garnered more than 4,000 likes.

Another wrote: “#Euro2020Final I feel real bad for Prince George he is going to be 60 when he can see England lose another finals.”

Others commented on how adorable the family appeared together.

“Love that they go together and supported him,” tweeted one person. “They are the only reason why I’m sad for England! But Italy deserved the win.”

Another wrote: “Seeing Prince George upset is heartbreaking but I love how his parents are there to comfort him like they should be even if they were royals, we love to see good parenting.”

Some users took a more playful approach.

“We ought to start a crowdfunder for Prince George after he looks upset following #ITAENG match,” teased one person.

Others focused on his outfit – the prince wore a suit and tie similar to his father’s.

“How does Prince George already look like a 45-year-old hedge fund manager?” wrote one person.

“Prince George is seven years old yet still has the demeanour of someone who drinks port,” added another.

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