Facebook Row Erupts Over Users' Privacy Vote

Facebook Row Erupts Over Users' Privacy Vote

Furious Facebook users have launched a campaign to stop changes to the website's privacy policy.

Site bosses have proposed ending the practice of letting users vote on privacy changes and replacing it with a "more meaningful" system of monitored comments and reviews.

In an email to users , Facebook said the voting system had "incentivised the quantity of comments over their quality."

But the proposal has angered users, who have started a campaign to keep the vote.

The Our-Policy.org website is urging people to post a comment on the page where the plans were announced.

According to Facebook's current privacy policy they put changes up for a vote if 7,000 people comment on the same issue - so far 10,535 people have commented since the announcement was posted on Wednesday.

"Please don't take away our rights on this. I oppose this proposition," wrote one user.

Another added: "This is unacceptable. OPPOSE."

In the email, Vice President Elliot Schrage wrote: "We deeply value the feedback we receive from you during our comment period.

"In the past, your substantive feedback has led to changes to the proposals we made.

"However, we found that the voting mechanism, which is triggered by a specific number of comments, actually resulted in a system that incentivised the quantity of comments over their quality.

"Therefore, we're proposing to end the voting component of the process in favour of a system that leads to more meaningful feedback and engagement."

He added that "significant changes" to the website's Data Use Policy will continue to be posted and there will be a seven-day period for review and comment.

"As always, we will carefully consider your feedback before adopting any changes," he said.

Facebook recently celebrated its one billionth user.

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