How to watch the Fallout TV series in the UK

The Prime Video show is the latest video game to screen adaptation

Ella Purnell as Lucy in Fallout. (Prime Video)
Ella Purnell as Lucy in Fallout. (Prime Video)

It’s the end of the world, all over again! That's right, Fallout is being brought to the small screen through a new TV show from Prime Video.

One of the titans of the video game industry, Fallout has been delighting players for decades but it is only now that it is being given the film treatment.

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Helmed by Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of Westworld, the new series aims to delight loyal fans and introduce new ones to the world first created by Tim Cain.

Here is everything you need to know about the series and what to expect.

How can I watch Fallout?

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout. (Prime Video)
Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout. (Prime Video)

Fallout is streaming on Prime Video from today, 11 April. All eight episodes have been released at once, allowing viewers to binge-watch the series.

What are the reviews like?

Reviews for Fallout have been positive. (Prime Video)
Reviews for Fallout have been positive. (Prime Video)

You don't need a controller to get involved with Prime Video's new Fallout series — and judging by these early reviews that's a good thing because the show seems to be a stone-cold hit.

The Independent had a blast with the series, saying it's filled with "Deadpoolesque anarchic comedy," while the Evening Standard hit home how true it stays to its video game roots, explaining that it "manages to capture the chaotic energy of the games, mining Fallout’s massive lore for inspiration."

The Guardian labelled it an "absolute blast," saying it is "a perfectly paced story that is both funny and self-aware without winking at the camera." Total Film enjoyed it too, explaining in their review that the show is an "amalgamation of action and comedy that’s wholly unexpected."

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What is Fallout about?

Fallout (Prime Video)
Aaron Moten as Maximus in Fallout, which is set on Earth 200 years after it was left a nuclear wasteland. (Prime Video)

Earth has been left decimated by an apocalypse 200 years earlier which left the planet a radioactive wasteland — or so it was thought. In order to survive, humanity headed underground into fallout shelters where they built new lives for themselves.

But those who spent life in fallout shelters are now forced to venture back out onto the surface, and they are shocked to learn of the people that have thrived there. The series follows Lucy MacLean, an optimistic Vault-dweller who is exploring life outside for the first time.

She is joined on her adventures by Maximus and the Ghoul, with the trio colliding in unexpected ways in this dangerous, post-nuclear world.

Who stars in Fallout?

Fallout (Prime Video)
The series follows Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell, pictured), an optimistic Vault-dweller who is exploring life outside for the first time. (Prime Video)

Fallout is being led by Ella Purnell, whose previous work includes Yellowjackets and voicing Jinx in Arcane. She is being joined by Aaron Moten, who is taking on the role of Maximus, and Walton Goggins, who plays a character known as the Ghoul.

The show features an extensive cast of supporting characters, and the lead trio will be joined in the cast by Kyle MacLachlan, Moises Arias, Leslie Uggams, Zach Cherry, and Matt Berry amongst others.

Is there a trailer for Fallout?

Fallout (Prime Video)
Kyle MacLachlan takes on a supporting role in Fallout. (Prime Video)

Yes, there have been a few trailers to be released for Fallout in the lead up to its release, the official trailer was revealed in March which gave viewers their best look at the series and what to expect.

The trailer teased the main narrative for the series surrounding vault dwellers and Lucy's adventures on the surface of Earth, and it also gave a glimpse at the exciting fight scenes and action that is set to appear in the series.

Watch the trailer for Fallout:

Fallout is streaming on Prime Video now