Falls Park GAA pitch to get ball stop net as well as perimeter and spectator fencing

Falls Park, Belfast.
-Credit: (Image: Justin Kernoghan/Belfast Live)

A GAA pitch at Falls Park in Belfast is to receive perimeter fencing from the council.

At the recent meeting of the Belfast City Council Planning Committee, elected representatives approved an application by the council for a proposed 11 metre by 30 metre (height by length) ball stop fence at the existing GAA pitch at Falls Park. The site is approximately 80 metres north of 13 Norfolk Park.

The plan also includes perimeter and spectator fencing, with a pathway surrounding the existing pitch, and associated site works.

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There were no objections from statutory consultees. The council’s environmental health team said they were “content in principle.” A re-consultation on fence details is still outstanding.

There were no objections received by the council from neighbouring residents. Council officers recommended approval for the plan.

The council report states: “The principle of open space/recreational development has already been established and deemed acceptable at this location.

"The proposal is for an upgrade of associated infrastructure to the existing grass pitch with the installation of ball stop fencing, spectator fencing and pathways. Thus, there is no objection in principle to this proposal subject to the material considerations set out below.

“The proposed ball stop fencing and netting is not located close to any neighbouring dwellings for any loss of light or overshadowing to occur. Environmental Health was consulted on potential noise from the spectator and ball stop fencing - they have informally responded that they are content in principle and requested a re-consultation of which we are yet to receive.

“The proposal is incidental to an existing use within an area of open space and will have no adverse effect on the sporting potential of the facility. It will assist with the overall functioning and recreational use of the sports grounds.

“The proposed ball stop net, 11 metres in height, and the 1.2 metres spectator fencing, are considered appropriate for the use of the playing pitch it will border. The proposal is considered to be in compliance of (policy), in that it will not adversely impact on the local character and appearance of the area.”

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