Families on holiday in July and August must take 'two items' with them or pay £210

Drivers heading abroad from the UK have been warned to ensure they are taking some crucial items with them. Ben Wooltorton, motoring expert from iCarhireinsurance.com, suggested that booking a hire car should be treated with the same seriousness as booking a holiday.

He advised: “Cost-conscious travellers should approach hiring a car exactly as they do other aspects of their holiday planning to ensure they get the best deal. To make your money go further, shop around for the best prices and don’t waste money on extras at the rental desk including items like sat navs and child car seats, that could have been brought from home, or bought in advance.”

The company suggested that shopping around for any deals allowed them to save around £150. The warning comes as consumer group Which? said it found travellers could be charged as much as £199 at car hire desks for policies which are inferior to options available for just £16.

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Rory Boland, editor of magazine Which? Travel, said: “All too often hiring a car abroad is an unnecessarily stressful experience, with travellers sometimes pressured at the rental desk into buying overpriced insurance policies that they don’t want or need."

iCarhireinsurance.com warned that these extras are often priced at a premium, meaning drivers who forget to pack these items could pay up to £210 more than expected. Mr Boland went on and said: “What our research shows is that you should never take excess insurance from your car hire firm, no matter how hard the sell.

"Buy an ERI either directly from an insurer or via your car hire broker. The top rated policies are a win-win. Not only are they significantly cheaper than anything offered by a car hire company, but they are also more comprehensive, meaning you have peace of mind should anything go wrong.”