Family left heartbroken as Glasgow easyJet flight cancelled in early hours

The family were devastated after the easyJet flight was cancelled
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A family were left completely devastated as their summer holiday, which they had been planning for months, was cancelled in the early hours by easyJet.

Ross had booked the trip from Glasgow Airport to Enfidha in Tunisia for his wife and two daughters back in January. They were due to take off on Thursday (June 27) at 7.20am.

However, an email from the airline on the day caused panic within the parents as they were told the flight would not be taking off.

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The family quickly made their way to the airport with the hopes of speaking to easyJet staff members but they couldn't find any in the travel hub.

Ross told Glasgow Live: "We planned to get up at 3.30am

"I looked at my phone and there was an email from easyJet saying our flight had been cancelled. My wife and I were panicking so we went to the airport to see if we can speak to an easyJet staff member.

"There weren't any staff members there. We were told we had to sort it for ourselves or go home and wait.

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"I phoned the call centre three times and they tried to get us on a flight from Birmingham which was leaving at 3.20pm but we had to make our own way there which wasn't possible.

"We ended up cancelling the full holiday. It has been a complete shambles."

The company agreed to refund the family to refund the flights which cost around £1700, however, they stated a confirmation email wouldn't arrive for another week or two.

Without the refund receipt from easyJet the dad has been unable to claim any cash back through his insurance.

Despite the major disappointment the family booked another holiday for Sunday but are now almost £5000 out of pocket as they wait for the refund confirmation, which easyJet said could take up to two weeks

However, the faces of his two young daughters as Ross told them the holiday was off is ingrained in the dad's mind.

He said: "It was heartbreaking.

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"The whole thing was already an inconvenience for us but the kids don't understand.

"They were standing just sobbing their hearts out. This whole process has been a complete disaster.

"We are never going to use easyJet again."

An easyJet spokesperson said: “We’re sorry that, due to the impact of air traffic control restrictions caused by adverse weather, flight EZY3171 from Glasgow to Tunisia on 27 June was unable to operate.

“We have been doing all possible to minimise the impact of the disruption, providing hotel accommodation and meals for those who require them and offering those on cancelled flights a refund or free transfer to an alternative flight.

“The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is our highest priority and while this was outside of our control, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.”