Famous Whitby ship The Endeavour goes on sale for £5m - but it could earn you £10,000 PER DAY

The Endeavour in Whitby has gone up for sale

One of Whitby's most iconic ships and popular tourist attractions, The Endeavour, is up for sale with a price tag of £5m.

The Endeavour, which was built and launched in Whitby, is renowned for carrying Captain James Cook, who was born in Middlesbrough, and his crew on their world-discovering voyage in the 18th Century. Now, one of only two exact replicas globally is on the market in Whitby.

This historic and world-famous ship can be relocated anywhere in the world and repurposed to suit the new owner's needs. Currently, The Endeavour serves as a visitor attraction with hospitality facilities.

It boasts a hospitality venue that can accommodate up to 250 people, a license to sell alcohol, and has been fully refurbished. It features three decks that can be used for private functions, reports Yorkshire Live.

The top deck is dedicated to seating, with a current capacity for 80, but there's potential for expansion - including the installation of a bar. The main deck serves as a visitor attraction area, replicating many original internal features, including the captain's table at the helm of the ship.

The lower deck houses the ship's hospitality area, complete with a commercial kitchen, bar, and seating for 100 people.

Nationwide Business Sales have suggested that tourist sales during peak season could reach £10,000 per day - potentially earning the new owner a tidy sum.

The replica ship is merely a 'seaworthy' replica, it can neither sail nor does it have a motor - the ship must be towed or transported.