Fans are divided over Cyndi Lauper having fun at Glastonbury

Cyndi Lauper at Glastonbury
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Glastonbury crowds can be a fickle lot and despite the legendary 80s queen of New York pop Cyndi Lauper bringing some of her greatest tunes to the Somerset venue, not everybody got the fun they wanted.

Famous for being the raucous, ballsy babe from Brooklyn, she was a mainstay of the 1980s with Time After Time, The Goonies R Good Enough, True Colours and Girls Just Want To Have Fun, this did not placate the audience and some of the tweets which have followed have been dismissive, blunt and cutting about the Pyramind Stage performance.

One cut to the chase, following her performance, stating "Cyndi Lauper, leave the game the before the game leaves you." while another warned "If you’re not watching Cyndi Lauper at Glastonbury… Don’t."


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Another observed: "Cyndi lauper has turned into Gloria hunnerford" - supposedly a dig at her appearance being not too dissimilar to the British television presenter.

Bluntest of all was one man who wrote: "There's actual talent out there who couldn't get in the same postcode as main stage at Glastonbury. Yet here is Cyndi Lauper who sounds like the drunk crazy local at karaoke night, struggling to hold a note, now doing a recorder solo. Who booked this nonsense?!"

In response another added: "Worst performance in about seven festivals I’ve been to on the pyramid stage I think" while another less-than-amused festival goer wrote: "Cyndi Lauper girls may wanna have fun but I am not this is s***"

However, not all were so unhappy, with some enjoying her sartorial elegance, claiming: "Obsessed with Cyndi Lauper's jacket, may look like she’s fallen into a table of glasses but it’s a slay regardless"