Fans Wondered If Frank Reagan Might Retire In Blue Bloods' Final Season. I'm More Intrigued By Another Bit Of Info In The Showrunner's Answer

 Frank in office on Blue Bloods.
Frank in office on Blue Bloods.

While Blue Bloods wrapped its run in just the same manner as most other network TV shows in May, it’s on a very different path. That’s because unlike most shows that were canceled in 2024, May 17th’s “The Heart of A Saturday Night” actually marked a midseason finale and not a finale for the veteran CBS drama. The show will return for the latter half of Season 14 in the fall, and afterward will be ending it's run on the Eye Network. But there are a lot of questions still lingering about the end of the show.

Thankfully, showrunner Kevin Wade is here to answer some of those fan questions, and one response in particular has me intrigued. In recent years, there have been some moments on Blue Bloods hinting at the possible retirement of Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. The mayor, for example, has skirted around the idea of a new  commissioner in NYC, prompting the fans to have one major question about Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Will Frank Reagan Retire?

I’m actually a little surprised Wade has answered the question for fans before the final episodes wrap, as it feels like a good direction the show could go in coming up. Yet, Blue Bloods has no intention of going there. And per the showrunner, there’s a good reason for that. He said:

I’m pretty sure that Frank would stay in his job until the series ended. We didn’t really pursue that avenue because the show is built on him being the police commissioner of New York City. So to take a detour during the last mile, if this is the last mile, I don’t know what he would be doing down at the hardware store or having coffee with old buddies during the day. I always have to look at stuff that generates stories. Police Commissioner of New York generates stories. He’s the CEO of 35,000 cops.

Elsewhere in the interview with TV Insider, Wade also was asked about the future of the characters beyond the end of the CBS show. He noted, “we can’t even go” there when asked about what’s next, and coupling that with the info Frank Reagan may still be a man in power at the end of the series has me a bit intrigued.

Why Frank Reagan’s Future In The NYPD Has Me Intrigued

Just a few days ago, the powers that be at CBS’ parent company Paramount spoke up about the future of the franchise. In fact, CEO Brian Robbins opened up about the upcoming slate coming to the 2024 TV schedule and beyond. In addition to some heavy hitter spinoffs to NCIS and Fire Country in the works, he spoke about more Blue Bloods endeavors potentially coming down the pipeline, calling the project an “extension” of the Reagan family drama.

Look, “extension” is a very carefully chosen word. While CBS has been clear Blue Bloods is 100% ending this fall, it’s also obvious the fanbase is sad to see the longtime drama go. In fact, a "save Blue Bloods" campaign has been in the works and gaining traction. Another project in the same world could appease that fanbase, but what does it mean? And could Frank Reagan be involved?

An extension could be something as simple as a spinoff that could allow Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg and other major players to be involved or at least pop-in from time-to-time. It could be a prequel of some sort, like Young Sheldon on CBS, which coupled a new cast with elements from The Big Bang Theory. Given Frank is a legacy police commissioner in a family with a long and storied police history, this could be an interesting way in.

That’s not all it could be though. In fact, another project could be a spiritual successor in which a new commissioner took over and a new family is followed, allow Frank to effectively retire after Blue Bloods' run. The word “extension” is so vague the possibilities are practically endless. The most intriguing part of this whole thing to me is that Tom Selleck has been bullish about wanting to stick around. So, if Frank Reagan is not retiring, the future could still be looking reasonably bright for the character, depending on what CBS has planned.