As Fast X Hits Streaming, Michelle Rodriguez Gets Honest About Whether She’ll Appear In Any Upcoming Spinoffs

 Michelle Rodriguez as Letty on a mototcycle in Fast X
Michelle Rodriguez as Letty on a mototcycle in Fast X

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when we thought Fast X would be the end of the franchise. The movie has now come out, and we’re expecting at least one more movie in the “main” franchise, and there are several spinoffs in development. In addition to the newly announced spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson, we are still expecting a female-led Fast & Furious movie, though one of the franchise’s top women, Michelle Rodriguez, has indicated she might not be a part of it.

The newest Fast & Furious movie can now be found on Peacock, so everybody can get caught up on the franchise. It’s been several years since we first heard about plans to make a Fast & Furious spinoff focused on the women in the franchise. We haven’t seen a lot of movement, but in the run-up to Fast X Vin Diesel confirmed the movie was still in development. One would assume that Michelle Rodriguez, who has the largest role of any actress in the film series, would be a big part of it. But she previously indicated to Variety that she’s getting ready for a new generation to take the lead, saying…

You pass the baton on. You take the back seat. You go passenger side. When it comes the next generation, you have to. It’s the only way to let them define the future.

The idea of a Fast & Furious movie that focuses on women but doesn’t include Rodriguez’s Letty seems unlikely on its face, but her statement doesn’t necessarily mean that she wouldn’t be interested in the movie at all. She could also be saying that she simply isn’t looking to front the movie. We could certainly see a spinoff where Letty appears, but just isn’t the focus.

While there has been talk of this movie for some time, we don’t really know anything about it. While there are several women who could appear in it who are already part of the franchise, from Jordana Brewster to Charlize Theron, and now we can include recently returned Gal Gadot in the mix, we could also see new characters as well. Since this spinoff clearly won’t be happening until the main franchise is over, we could even see new characters introduced before we get to the spinoff.

But before this spinoff, we’re getting at least one more. A movie starring Dwayne Johnson, that is being called a spinoff but will act as a bridge between Fast X and Fast X: Part 2, or Fast 11 or whatever it’s going to be called, is currently in development. Beyond Johnson himself, and very likely Jason Momoa as Dante, it’s unclear who else may be appearing in that one.

What is clear is that the Fast & Furious franchise is still a big money maker, so while the main story may be coming to an end, there’s a good chance we’ll continue to see these spinoffs for as long as they continue to make money.