Father Drives His Son To His First Day Of School In A...Tank


Most children are rather nervous before their first day at school and want to make as small an entrance as possible.

One young boy, however, arrived at school in Donetsk in south-eastern Ukraine in his father’s tank.

While turning up to a British school in a tank may be an example of extreme eccentricity - in the Ukraine, such vehicles have a more practical use.

This father’s interesting choice of transportation proved to be very popular with the other schoolboys, who all clambered on the vehicle for picture.


Who’s turn is it now?

Parent Vitaly Dolgorukova said: ‘It’s not unusual to see tanks around here but I’ve never seen one doing the school run before, I thought it was a really fun idea that took away the nerves of a lot of the new kids.’

The boy’s father, the tank commander, is believed to be a member of a Russian-backed separatist militia.


Tank selfie y’all

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