Father-of-three Kevin Hart has never changed a nappy

Earlier this month, actor Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish welcomed their son Kenzo Kash into the world, with Kevin already dad to 12-year-old Heaven and 10-year-old Hendrix from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart.

However, despite insisting that he loves everything about fatherhood, Kevin has shocked his fans by admitting that he has never changed a nappy.

Kevin insists that he is ‘part of the process’. Copyright: [BBC]
Kevin insists that he is ‘part of the process’. Copyright: [BBC]

The 38-year-old star insists that he is “part of the process” when it comes to nappy-changing, however, it is always his partner who does the dirty work.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Kevin shared: “I have not changed a diaper. I’m around when the diaper is being changed, which makes me a part of the process within the moment.

“All you have to do is find other stuff to do while it’s going down to keep you busy. That’s all.”

Baby Kenzo was born earlier this month. Copyright: [Instagram]
Baby Kenzo was born earlier this month. Copyright: [Instagram]

Despite avoiding the menial tasks of child-rearing, Kevin added that he is “blessed” to have expanded his family, saying: “I have no complaints at all – very blessed, very happy.

“You know, looking to expand this legacy. Last name Hart lives on – generations now, we got generations of it.”

Earlier this week Kevin posted the first photos of baby Kenzo to his Instagram page, sharing a touching poem alongside one of them.

Kenzo’s birth comes just two months after Kevin took to Instagram to publicly apologise to his wife and children after a “failed extortion attempt”, with the star admitting that he had made a “bad error in judgement” but wanted to own up to his mistakes.

The apology came after TMZ reported that a woman who claims to have a “sexually suggestive” video of herself and Kevin was trying to get money out of the actor, with the star’s rep confirming that he had been a victim of extortion.

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