Fawlty memories of Basil’s rectitude

Fawlty memories of Basil’s rectitude. Social care | Nicky Henson in Fawlty Towers | Pedanticus pronunciation | Trump and windmills | Sprout recipes

Alongside its account of five independent commissions and four government white papers on social care funding, your editorial (23 December) could have mentioned one citizens’ assembly on this topic. It was commissioned by two select committees and met in May 2018. Asked for a comment afterwards, one participant, no doubt representing the thoughts of many others, hoped the government would now act on the assembly’s advice. Where now for “listening to the people” and a more participatory democracy?
Caroline Roaf

• Your obituary of Nicky Henson (18 December) said his Fawlty Towers character had smuggled a woman into his room and it was his mother. Not so! He had smuggled a woman into his room the night before, but Basil was unable to catch her and prove it. It was only the next morning, after the woman had left, that his mother was in the room. I always felt sorry for Basil, as – not for the first time – he was correct, but no one believed him.
Dominic Rice

•I do not disagree with Pedanticus often, but I do on the pronunciation of “chocolatier” (Chris Maslanka: Solutions, 21 December). He suggests the French way ending in “tee-ay” is correct. I beg to differ. “Chocolateer” should be perfectly acceptable, following other precedents such as brigadier and bombardier. I write as the self-proclaimed president of the York Society of Practising Pendants.
Clive Goodhead
Earswick, North Yorkshire

• Why are we surprised at Trump tilting at windmills (‘I never understood wind’: Trump goes on bizarre tirade against wind turbines, 23 December)? He certainly has a quixotic personality.
Michael Peel
Axbridge, Somerset

• Thanks for publishing Bill Hawkes’ letter (26 December) about the festive vegetable recipes. He is coming for lunch on Sunday, and now I shall definitely exclude sprouts.
Christine Hawkes

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