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Brendan Johnson from Devon

This bearded fellow went all out with his costume for the competiton. (SWNS)

Fear the beards! The spectacular hirsute entrants aiming to win 'Facial hair World Cup'

Men travelled from as far as New Jersey, America this weekend for independent facial hair club The Wessex Beardsmen’s annual competition.

The club welcomed as many as 120 guests to the event on Saturday, where beards and moustaches defied gravity in their quest to be the best.

The Beardsmen’s fifth Beard and Moustache Competition was held at Club 94 in Yeovil, Somerset, and saw men with impressive facial hair travel from all over the country.

There was even a Best Costume category, won by Gary Swain, and a Freestyle category, for curly, swirly and even spiky beards and ‘taches.

Club president Andy Teague from Chard, Somerset, said: ‘It’s all good fun, nobody takes it particularly serious.

‘It’s just a good, fun day out, for the men and also for their families.

‘It takes a hell of a lot of work to maintain a beard – you’ve always got to make sure it’s not getting caught on things,’ he added.

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