Fear the Walking Dead star Maggie Grace teases season 4: 'It plays with time in different ways'

Maggie Grace has teased new episodes of spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead ahead of the addition of Lennie James' Walking Dead character, Morgan Jones.

The actor - best known for her role of Shannon Rutherford in Lost and Liam Neeson's kidnapped daughter Kim Mills in 2008 film Taken - has been added to the cast of the new series alongside James and Garrett Hedlund joining original cast members Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey.

While remaining tight-lipped on key plot points surrounding forthcoming episodes - “they're fiercely protective even over character's last names” - Grace revealed to The Independent that the news that James was to leave The Walking Dead for the spinoff was a deciding factor into signing up to the show.

“I knew before I signed on that it was him - I'm not going to say how - but he was part of the reason that I wanted to jump on. I think what they’re doing with the character is really interesting - I'm glad so much of our work is together.”

She confirmed that the producers were in the process of “creating a Walking Dead universe where anything can happen,” adding: “I think what they're doing with time is really interesting - they’re playing with it in really different ways. I can’t say any more.”

Grace currently stars in The Hurricane Heist, a thriller following a team of mercenaries who attempt to pull off a robbery in the midst of a Category 5 hurricane, alongside Toby Kebbel and Ryan Kwanten. Speaking of the film's high-concept plotline, she said: “Why do one action movie where you can do all the action movies blended into one?”

She admitted that she's “grown” into the roles as her career has progressed.

“I was definitely a nerdy Jane Austen kind of girl who got picked last for the gym class and somehow now…,” she begins. “I've definitely grown to love the physical side of things but it’s certainly ironic. I hadn’t seen so many of the classic action films until I started making them - then having to go back and watch them because there’are so many homage moments. It's like, 'Oh, this is a homage to action Eighties canon! They didn’t cover this in Middlemarch.'"

The Hurricane Heist in cinemas now. Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on 15 April and will be available to view in the UK on AMC, BT TV on 23 April.

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