'We're f***ed': BBC accidentally broadcasts audience comments during Labour split press conference

The BBC’s coverage of the press conference where seven MPs announced they were leaving the Labour Party accidentally included audio of disparaging comments by an audience member.

As Chukka Umunna spoke from the podium, the unidentified commentator could be heard saying: “It’s mad.”

During Luciana Berger’s speech the person commented again, saying: “Not gonna lie, like this and Brexit… we’re actually f***ed.

“It’s gonna be so divided.”

MPs (left to right) Ann Coffey, Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Luciana Berger, Gavin Shuker and Chuka Umunna after they announced their resignations to create a new Independent Group (PA Images)

The microphone picked up the comments as the new Independence Group MPs opened the floor for questions after outlining their reasons for quitting Labour.

It is not clear whether the comments were made by a member of the BBC team or another member of the audience.

Presenter Samira Ahmed later apologised on behalf of the BBC for the unintended bad language.


Independent Group MPs (PA)

Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire show, she said: “I should say for those who were listening to that live news conference, there was some bad language apparently, so we do apologise if anyone was offended by what they might have heard.”

At the press conference this morning MPs Ann Coffey, Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Luciana Berger, Gavin Shuker and Chuka Umunna all confirmed they were resigning the Labour whip and quitting the party.

Each of them outlined their reasons for doing so, citing Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of Brexit and his failure to stamp out antisemitism within Labour as their reasons for leaving.

Jeremy Corbyn responded by saying: “I am disappointed that these MPs have felt unable to continue to work together for the Labour policies that inspired millions at the last election and saw us increase our vote by the largest share since 1945.”

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