Driver makes miraculous escape after giant shipping container CRUSHES car roof

The shipping container fell onto the car after a lorry was unable to take its weight. (Rex)

A driver had a miraculous escape after her car was flattened by this giant container.

The motorist in Jiangsu Province, eastern China, was driving next to a lorry which was transporting the large shipping style container.

But when the weight of the container caused the lorry to list to one side, the huge box slid off and crushed the roof of the vehicle.

The weight completely flattened the top of the car, but amazingly the woman trapped inside was freed and suffered no serious injuries.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and were helped by a crane in lifting the container from the roof of the car.

As the container was lifted up firefighters were amazed to hear a voice shouting help.

They quickly used tools to cut open the car so that the woman could be pulled to safety.