The Bachelor UK's Mark Wright promises feminist angle (Exclusive)

Mark Wright is the new host and wingman of The Bachelor UK (Channel 5)
Mark Wright is the new host and wingman of The Bachelor UK (Channel 5)

Mark Wright is back in the UK after a two-year stint hosting Extra in the US, and he’s the new host of Channel 5’s rebooted The Bachelor UK.

But can a series where women ultimately compete for the affections of one man relate in our era of #MeToo and the revitalised feminism movement? Wright certainly thinks so, and told us that the new series will turn the tables in more ways than one.

“The Bachelor is a gentleman. He treats the women like women, he lets them have the power when they want it. I suppose maybe without even meaning it there are moments throughout the show that stand up for feminism and puts the powers back in the girls hands which doesn’t happen a lot in the other series.

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“Strong females come through, it shows that feminism is there. And if it happens again – I’m sure it would be The Bachelorette UK – and then obviously the power switches yet again,” Wright said.

Mark with Alex, this year’s The Bachelor (Channel 5)
Mark with Alex, this year’s The Bachelor (Channel 5)

“I am the bachelor’s wingman – I also help the girls out and it allows me to throw a lot of twists and turns. Episode 1 there is a twist at the start that has never been done in the bachelor in fact it worked so well that many bachelors around the world are now using it,” he added.

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The Bachelor UK was last hosted by Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews in 2012, but Wright says it is important to him to have a non-celebrity as The Bachelor this year.

“It’s not a celebrity being a bachelor this time, which for me is the be and end all. A celebrity being a bachelor you’re not going to believe he’s there for the right reasons or even the girls are.

“He’s a guy called Alex. He is a personal trainer he is six-foot-six, long hair down to his shoulders, beard, ripped to shreds. I call him Hercules! He’s just tall, posh, gentleman, nice guy – he’s the bachelor. When they got him I thought wow he towers over me! Ten times more muscly than me. He’s everything I want to be!” he said.

Alex, Mark and the female contestants of The Bachelor UK (Channel 5)
Alex, Mark and the female contestants of The Bachelor UK (Channel 5)

Will Wright’s wife, Our Girl star and former Corrie actress Michelle Keegan be making an appearance? Highly unlikely says Wright, but she’s a huge fan of the franchise.

“Oh yeah she turns up as one of the competitors! And Alex wants to choose her! Haha just joking!

“No how could she be involved! She really is so incredibly busy with all of her acting commitments. But she loves shows like this.

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“She loves The Bachelor, when she visits me in the US she always watches it. When I got approached for the job she said immediately take it! Just take it!”

The Bachelor UK starts on Monday 4 March at 10pm on Channel 5.

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