Ferrari’s Next Supercar Is Coming Sooner Than We Think, According to Execs

Ferrari’s next halo car might be just around the corner.

None other than the automaker’s vice president, Piero Ferrari, confirmed to Top Gear that a successor to the LaFerrari is on its way. Better yet, he suggests it could arrive sometime this year.

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“Every ten years, we have one,” the executive, who is also Enzo’s son, told the website. “Something will come. I know what it is…”

A front 3/4 view of the Ferrari 499 Le Mans Hypercar
The Ferrari 499p

The Enzo made its debut in 2002 and was followed 11 years later by the LaFerrari in 2013. If the automaker sticks to this schedule that would suggest that its next flagship would arrive sometime this year. Sure enough, on Monday an Instagram user @ferraricollectoraus posted images of a package they claim the marque has some of its most valued customers teasing a mysterious new vehicle.

Ferrari’s VP didn’t offer up any details about the new vehicle, which is believed to be codenamed the F250, though chances are that it will be something truly spectacular. Every Prancing Horse is special, of course, but the marque’s flagship vehicles are something else. As Top Gear notes, the company has used its halo cars to showcase its most innovative technological advances, like the F-50’s Formula 1-derived V-12, the Enzo’s paddle shift-controlled manual transmission, and the LaFerrari’s hybrid-assisted powertrain. They’ve also tended to feature some of the most striking designs of their respective eras.

Ferrari’s comments, along with word of the packages sent to top customers, have unsurprisingly given way to rampant speculation about the new vehicle. The package appears to include a card that features a stylized silhouette of a vehicle. As The Drive was quick to point out, that image bears a striking resemblance to the automaker’s first virtual car, the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo.

That concept predates, by a matter of months, the on-track debut of the 499P, leading many to think that the prototype race car and the new flagship model could be related. That racer, which has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans both years it has competed, features a hybrid-assisted twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 that produces a regulation-capped 670 hp. A road car with the same powertrain could be even more powerful, which we imagine will appeal to more than a few Ferrari lovers out there.

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