Fertility psychic who makes £10k a month predicts when women will fall pregnant

Meet the fertility psychic who makes £10k a month predicting when women will fall pregnant and what gender their unborn child will be.

Gemma Martin, 31, uses tarot readings to predict the date a woman will fall pregnant and says she is 85% accurate.

The mum-of-one learnt to tarot read after struggling to conceive herself and had a fertility psychic correctly predict when she would fall pregnant with her little girl, Abigail, now three.

Gemma began offering fertility readings as a hobby until it started to become popular and she launched as a business in April 2019.

By November 2019 it became her full-time job and now she spends her days doing up to 70 readings to help single people and couples find out when they might fall pregnant.

Gemma, a tarot reader, from Dundee, Scotland, said: “I predict when people will have a baby and most of the time it’s spot on.

“I might be a few days out but the number of responses I get saying ‘I fell pregnant when you said I would’ is so lovely.

“I had a reading which predicted I would fall pregnant in June 2018 after 18 months of trying – and I did.

“I found it so fascinating, so I wanted to learn how to do it myself and help other people.

“I didn’t expect it to ever become my full-time job and be so popular.”