Losing his bite, the great white shark who snapped off one of his teeth while attacking a seal

This is the moment a great white shark lost a tooth in the hunt for its lunch.

The majestic predator was caught on camera leaping into the air off the coast of Cape Town while wrestling with a seal.

But in capturing its prey, the shark amazingly lost one of its razor-sharp teeth - which was spotted flying through the air back into the water.
Despite losing a tooth however, the shark successfully caught its prey with one single bite.
Photographer David Jenkins, 41, snapped the picture after sailing for weeks in search of the perfect shot.
Fortunately, the Irishman's patience paid off and after noticing a seal narrowly escaping the jaws of a huge shark, readied his camera in anticipation of something great.
Surprisingly, it was only after David was checking the images on the back of his camera that he noticed the tooth flying through the air.
David said 'It all happened incredibly quickly, I didn't know the shark had lost its tooth until I zoomed in on the image on the back of my camera to check if the photo was sharp and in focus.
'I have never seen this happen, or even seen a photo of this happening on a real seal hunt before, its definitely a unique shot.
'It was a cloudy day which made it great hunting conditions for the shark, the cloud it makes it much more difficult for the seal to spot the shark and its grey back makes for perfect camouflage.
'I don't think it can be too painful for the shark to lose one tooth as they can lose up to 50,000 in a lifetime, also their teeth are attached to skin rather than being embedded in their jaw.
'The final pictures were definitely worth the wait and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.'