Filmmaker Captures Fan Experience of Brazil's Opening World Cup Game

Brazil opened their World Cup with a 2-0 victory over Serbia on November 24, with fans of the South American team bringing plenty of color both inside and outside of the Lusail Stadium.

Filmmaker Nedal Alhajahmed captured footage of fans inside the stadium, and at FIFA’s Fan Festival in Al Bidda Park. Credit: Nedal Alhajahmed via Storyful

Video transcript


- Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil!






- And his replacement in Brazil, it was Fred. You remember though, this one?


- Defended valiantly so far. But, as so often happens, it's--

- Feeling the pain.


- Catastrophic [INAUDIBLE] two counts to prove--

- Need to recover and look forward.

- [INAUDIBLE] What's that?

- Vidic.

- He's a big lad. 6 foot 4 inch.

- Yeah. And that's going to be added to the fans-- Rodrigo.

- Seven minutes of stoppage time. Gabriel Jesus.