'You are filth!': Kate Garraway mocked for her messy bedroom

Kate Garraway stunned her co-hosts and viewers today when her messy bedroom was exposed.

Discussing Netflix hit show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo the Good Morning Britain panel surprised Garraway when a shot of her bedroom was projected on to the screen.

Showing a messy display of clothes, underwear, shopping bags and even what appears to be laundry detergent, she covered her face in embarrassment.

“For heaven’s sake Kate! How can you live like that?” co-host Ben Shephard joked.

“You’re like the hoarder next door…just have a tidy room and a tidy mind Kate,” he continued.

A laughing Garraway argued that she was actually organised, and the dress and bag hanging up was her ‘next day’ outfit.

Kate Garraway’s bedroom exposed. (ITV Pictures)
Kate Garraway’s bedroom exposed. (ITV Pictures)

But she did admit that her mother had found a mouldy grape on her bedroom floor, which exploded in her hands.

“My mum went into my bedroom and touched what she thought was a peach. It was actually a grape with so much fur around it that when she touched it it exploded, throwing spores everywhere,” she told the panel.

“Kate Garraway. You are filth!” responded a dismayed Shephard.

Shephard appeared to be in utter disbelief at Garraway’s messy bedroom. (REX/Shutterstock)
Shephard appeared to be in utter disbelief at Garraway’s messy bedroom. (REX/Shutterstock)

Viewers were divided over the messy state of affairs over on Twitter. Some reacted positively, arguing that her messy room made the star more relatable, while others appeared utterly disgusted with her living conditions.

One wrote: ‘I agree with Ben! [Shephard] Tidy house, tidy mind’ and another: “Kate your bedroom is a disgrace, your drawers don’t have to be organised but you can still be clean n tidy, poor Ben looks terrified.”

While some users rushed to her defence. “Ben Shephard is being ridiculous and a bit rude towards Kate….Everyone knows Kate is messy, it’s part of her charm!” wrote one and another: “Tidyness is a sign of a sick mind. So Kate Garraway…stay as you are.”

Garraway did go on to say she wanted to become tidier, and was obsessed with Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The hit reality show series sees Kondo, writer of the bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, teaching Americans how to declutter and minimalise their homes.

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