Finsbury Park terrorist Darren Osborne attacked with boiling water by fellow prison inmate

Lizzie Dearden
Metropolitan Police/Reuters

The far-right extremist who launched the Finsbury Park terror attack has been assaulted by a fellow prison inmate.

Darren Osborne had boiling water thrown over his head in HMP Wakefield and had to be treated for burns and blisters.

“The attacker ran into Osborne’s cell and threw the boiling water over his head, face and body,” a source told The Sun. “He was in agony.”

In a separate incident in August, Osborne was accused of beating a Muslim man jailed for raping a child as part of a Leeds grooming gang.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “A prisoner suffered minor injuries after having hot water thrown in his face by a prisoner at HMP Wakefield on 18 September.

“He did not require hospital treatment and the three prisoners involved have been punished.”

Osborne is serving a life sentence for killing one man and injuring several more in a far-right terror attack in June 2017.

The 49-year-old ploughed a hired van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers who were leaving mosques in Finsbury Park after Ramadan prayers.

He initially planned to attack a pro-Palestinian protest but was thwarted by security measures and roamed London for hours searching for a new target.

Osborne’s trial heard he was radicalised by online material from Tommy Robinson and Britain First after researching grooming gangs following a BBC documentary on Rochdale.

The father-of-four, from Cardiff in Wales, wrote a suicide note found in the van raging against Muslims, Isis-inspired terror attacks, grooming gangs, Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and Lily Allen.

He raved that he wanted “kill more Muslims” as his victims lay scattered on the ground, but was detained by survivors of the attack.

Last year, Osborne was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 43 years.

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