Fire in Sequoia National Forest Prompts Evacuation Warnings

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office issued an evacuation warning on Monday, August 15, for those living in the area around the 350-acre Wishon fire in California’s Sequoia National Forest.

The Wishon fire was at five percent containment as of Tuesday.

This video posted by the Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence System shows an aerial view of the fire burning in the Sequoia National Forest on Monday. Credit: Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence System via Storyful

Video transcript

MAN: OES intel 24. August 15, 2022 at 16:57 hours. This is the Wishon incident on the Sequoia National Forest. Currently 270 acres. Started off Highway 190 down near the bottom of the screen there.

We'll switch to IR and zoom in. You can see the highway. We'll work our way up the left flank. You can see all the heat along the flank. They've been working that with helicopters.

As we get up near the left shoulder here-- we'll go back to color real quick-- you'll be able to see a little bit of retardant in there. They've come across the head quite a ways with retardant. As we back out, up to the top of the screen there, you have 20S15, kind of a secondary line. The fire hasn't made it to yet. It's about a half a mile from there.

We'll go back to IR. Come across the head as we get-- work our way across the head and down to the right shoulder here. You can see where it crossed Forest Road 20S82. And coming back around right flank towards the heel, back to Highway 190. The fire has burnt over the flume that's in there. Unknown damage. End video.