Firefly Lane's final episode provides closure and reveals Kate's fate

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katherine heigl, sarah chalke, yael yurman, firefly lane, season 2
Firefly Lane's final episode reveals Kate's fateNetflix

Firefly Lane season 2 part 2 spoilers below.

Firefly Lane promised a tear-jerker of a finale and in that it delivers.

It's pretty hard to imagine a send off that wasn't emotional given the state we left the two besties in at the close of season two part one.

The explosive feud between Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) was still on-going despite Tully's efforts to make amends. However Kate received some devastating health news and Tully’s support was exactly what she needed. Fight or no fight.

After learning she had stage three breast cancer, Kate turned to Tully only to learn she had left for a work trip in Antarctica.

As we come to an end of an era, how will Kate and Tully resolve things (because they literally have to or we won't be able to rest) and will Kate be able to survive her diagnosis?

Here's how Firefly Lane comes to a heartfelt end.

Firefly Lane season 2 part 2 ending explained

katherine heigl, sarah chalke, firefly lane, season 2

Kate has been left devastated by her diagnosis but in classic Firefly Lane style, there was still room for joy.

The finale episode kicks off with a grown up Marah (Yael Yurman) preparing for her wedding day.

The two best friends reminisce over how proud they are to see the beauty of her growth over the 10 years following her fight.

However a knock on the door takes Tully's attention away from the conversation and when she turns back to face her friend she is evidently standing in the room by herself.

In that snap moment it becomes clear that Kate tragically did not make it through her diagnosis.

The story doesn't linger much longer in this flashforward. Instead we are transported to the past (aka their present day) and Kate's cancer has worsened, spreading to her brain.

Tully struggles with the truth but Kate manages to get her to face the reality of a life without her best friend.

katherine heigl, yael yurman, firefly lane, season 2

As time elapses Kate can be seen writing her novel. Meanwhile Tully continues to bury her feelings for Danny (Ignacio Serricchio) but once again Kate guides her, encouraging her to explore their relationship further, which works out for the two.

The final episode pieces together many touching moments – including a heart-to-heart with Marah about love and dating – hopping from past to present in its signature Firefly Lane way.

Eventually fans face the heartbreaking moment in which Kate loses her battle with cancer.

During her funeral, Tully struggles to make it through the day and the absence of her friend's support is evident.

ben lawson, sarah chalke, yael yurman, firefly lane, season 2

However Kate's husband Johnny (Ben Lawson) steps in, handing her a box that Kate had left for Tully.

Inside is Kate's finished novel (appropriately titled Firefly Lane), a joint, an autographed photo of David Cassidy and an iPod including a Firefly Lane playlist.

The novel is intended to eventually be passed down to Marah but for now it is just the strength Tully needs to see her through.

Speaking of passing things on – and strength – Sarah Chalke hopes that the audience feels as much as they did when they were making Firefly Lane (via Forbes).

"It was a really powerful experience. I lost an aunt I was very close to when I was 24, and knowing that this part of the storyline was coming, there was a part of me that was wondering what this was going to feel like to shoot. It ended up being challenging but also a special experience."

"It was physically and emotionally exhausting. Because cancer and death have touched everyone, I hope we dealt with it in a way that rings true to people, and that feels good for them to watch."

Firefly Lane is now available to watch on Netflix.

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