First riot-related eviction notice served

Gaby Leslie

A council tenant whose son has appeared in court in connection with the London riots is the first in the country to have been given an eviction notice, Wandsworth Council has said.

From today, the pair who remain unnamed for legal reasons face the prospect of losing their council-owned home after the son was connected to the violence in Clapham Junction on Monday night.

It comes after Prime Minister David Cameron warned that rioters could be stripped of benefits and face eviction from their homes in a crackdown on violent behaviour.

Councillor Ravi Govindia, said the authority's housing department was working swiftly to assess whether to take action on tenants undergoing magistrates courts hearings.

“In Wandsworth we are determined to take the strongest possible action against any tenant or member of their household responsible for the truly shocking behaviour perpetrated on local homes and businesses earlier this week.

“This council will do its utmost to ensure that those who are responsible pay a proper price for their conduct. Ultimately this could lead to eviction from their homes.

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“Our officers will continue to work with the courts to establish the identities of other council tenants or members of their households as more cases are processed in the coming days and weeks.”

The eviction notice is the first stage in the legal process giving warning that the council will be seeking possession of the property and that an application will be made to the courts seeking the tenant's eviction.

The decision of whether to evict then rests with a judge sitting at the county court.