Fishermen Spot Large Great White Shark Off Florida Keys

Fishermen tagging dolphinfish (aka mahi-mahi) off the coast of the Florida Keys spotted a great white shark 23 miles south of Cudjoe Key, Florida.

Don M Gates, who recorded this footage, told Storyful the video was recorded on August 15 aboard his boat ‘Killin’ Time II’. He said he was conducting mahi-mahi tagging research for the Dolphinfish Tagging Program when he spotted the shark.

In the footage, a voice can be heard exclaiming, “There he comes, there he comes!”

The shark can be seen swimming near the boat in deep blue water. Credit: Don M Gates via Storyful

Video transcript

WOMAN: You see him anywhere?

DON GATES: There he comes, there he comes!

WOMAN: Where? [GASPS] Oh my god.


Swimming in the water, coming at me.