Five of the craziest conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shootings


Conspiracy theorists have seized on changes in the official ‘story’ of the Las Vegas shootings as ‘proof’ that something is amiss.

The result is that conspiracy fans such as Trump fan Alex Jones have been able to peddle lurid theories to millions.

News aggregator The Drudge Report has linked to Jones’s stories in recent days, as Jones showcases theories from several right-wing ‘investigators’.

The ongoing failure of the authorities to explain Stephen Paddock’s massacre has stirred the pot still further.

Clark County Sherriff Joseph Lombardo said this week, ‘This individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it is difficult for us to find the answers.’

As a result, some truly out-there rumours have begun to circulate, many among right-wingers who are reluctant to accept the idea of the problem being easy access to high-powered guns.

Stephen Paddock was a left-wing agent

‘Could Stephen Paddock, the lone Vegas shooter, have been a patsy to kick off the left’s war with the right in the streets of America?’ asked Alex Jones on Facebook.

Jones and his associates claimed in a video segment that ‘antifa’ (ie leftists) were planning a civil war to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the October revolution in Russia.

(Courtesy of Eric Paddock via AP, File)
(Courtesy of Eric Paddock via AP, File)

David Knight of Infowars said, ‘As we look at the 100 year anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolutionk… We have a new civil war that is coming to overthrow the government. These Antifa communists are training with weapons.’

Jones has claimed that Paddock had ‘Isis and Antifa literature’ in his room.

Jones is a notorious Sandy Hook ‘truther’ who claims that parents of the murdered children ‘made up’ the attack in 2012 where 26 children were killed.

There was a second shooter

One of the most persistent rumours is that there was a second shooter in the attack – or that Stephen Paddock was set up, and was not the shooter at all.

Alex Jones shared a video which said, ‘“Why would an alleged Trump supporter open fire on a country music festival that is largely made up of Trump’s base?’

Various videos purport to show a ‘second shooter’ firing from the fourth floor – but police have repeatedly said there is no evidence for this.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said there was ‘no evidence’ for a second shooter this week.

Stephen Paddock was a gun dealer – and the real attacker is unknown

(AP Photo/John Locher, File)
(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

Right-wing commentator Anne Coulter suggests that Paddock must have had another, secret business – because you can’t win money at video poker.

(This is despite the fact Paddock’s money was thought to come from real estate deals.)

Coulter wrote on Breitbart, ‘The probable illicit business requiring money to be laundered that leaps out at us in Paddock’s case is illegal gun sales. If true, it would not only explain the arsenal in his hotel room, but also raises the possibility of either an accomplice or different perpetrator altogether.’

It was an Illuminati ‘blood sacrifice’ ritual

Right-winger Sheila Zhilinsky suggests that the Illuminati – a secret society believed to rule the world – arranged the massacre as a pagan harvest festival.

She says, ‘Folks, this whole thing in Las Vegas. This killing field in front of this sphinx, this pyramid, this obelisk, this is no coincidence.


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She says, ‘The pyramid, the place of death; do you know that the Luxor has been there 23 years, the man had 23 guns and his room was 23? This is not a coincidence in these number sequences.

‘This thing was nothing more than a strategically located blood sacrifice ritual, a death ritual across from a pyramid.’

The ‘Deep State’ is covering up the truth about the incident

Changes in the official story about what happened in Las Vegas have fuelled conspiracy theories pushed by right-wing ‘personalities’ such as Laura Loomer.

Loomer repeatedly asked questions during a police press conference, and claims to have unearthed information, such as the fact Paddock checked in earlier than the police said he did, days before the police did.

Loomer says this is evidence of a police cover-up by the ‘Deep State’ – forces within government who right-wingers believe are conspiring against Donald Trump.

Loomer has also repeatedly attempted to link Stephen Paddock to Islam – and hinted that the MGM casino was somehow involved in his massacre.