'Flames 50 Meters High' Destroy Homes and Farmland in Queensland

Queensland woman Tayla Boyse has described how “flames 50 metres high flew through the bush” as she was evacuating from her parents’ farm in Lake Mary on Saturday, November 9.

“The roar of fire is something you can’t describe and I wouldn’t ever wish on anyone to ever experience,” Boyse wrote on Facebook alongside videos she recorded as the fire approached her parents’ property.

Boyse returned later to survey the damage, and found all of the paddocks on the farm completely blackened. She told Storyful that the fire reached within meters of the boat seen in her footage. Several homes were destroyed, she said.

Boyse thanked the local community, volunteers, and the emergency services for their help during the fires, which continued to plague Queensland and New South Wales on November 12. Credit: Tayla Boyse via Storyful