Flames Shoot From Plane Engine as Dad Films Daughter's Reaction to Takeoff

A Manila-bound Philippine Airlines flight was forced to return to Los Angeles on November 21 after “experiencing a technical problem” that resulted in flames shooting out of one of the engines, the airline said.

Passenger Adam Taylor was recording his daughter Maui’s reaction to the plane taking off when he noticed flames bursting from an engine outside their window. “Never seen that before,” Taylor remarks in the video. “Oh my God. It’s blowing fire out of there. I’ve never seen that before. That doesn’t sound good. It doesn’t look good.”

Philippine Airlines said the Boeing 777 turned back and made a “precautionary emergency landing.”

“All 342 passengers and 18 crew members are safe and were able to disembark from the airplane using regular airstairs. We greatly appreciate the calmness and patience of our PR113 passengers, who cooperated well with our cabin crew during the flight and the emergency landing,” Philippine Airlines wrote in a press release. Credit: Adam Taylor via Storyful