The Flash star Tom Cavanagh shares spin-off hopes

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Tom Cavanagh shares The Flash spin-off hopesANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

The Flash series spoilers follow.

The Flash star Tom Cavanagh has shared his hopes for a future spin-off for his iconic villain now that the show has ended. The final episode of the ninth series aired on Sunday (May 21), marking the end of the show as well as the entire Arrowverse.

Beginning in 2012 with Arrow, it soon became TV's biggest universe told through a whopping 40 interconnected seasons and 710 episodes.

tom cavanagh, the flash
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Across 13 episodes, the last series of The Flash closed out the epic universe as well as the individual stories of the titular hero and the expanded cast.

The eagerly-anticipated finale saw the return of the show's greatest villain to date, with Tom Cavanagh reprising his role as Reverse-Flash for one last hurrah as he joined Zoom (Teddy Sears and Tony Todd), Savitar (Tobin Bell) and Godspeed (August Heart) to help Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) destroy Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) once and for all.

The actor officially left the show in 2011 alongside co-star Carlos Valdes, who sadly was not seen during the four-part finale. Now that The Flash has come to an end, Cavanagh has shared some ideas he has for a spin-off show for his character.

tom cavanagh, the flash
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"The nice thing about playing the main villain is the departure is never really final," he told Deadline when discussing his return to the franchise.

"Even to this day, if you watch the finale, you're well aware that a blast like that wouldn't kill the Reverse-Flash. So there's always room for a Reverse-Flash spin-off, [for] which I'm more than willing to don that cool and elegant yellow suit once again and tell the Reverse-Flash spinoff story."

He added that he had pitched the idea to executive producer Greg Berlanti, whom he had plotted alongside since early episodes of the show to come back for the grand finale.

tom cavanagh
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"I pitched Greg [Berlanti]… this idea that was like: 'Look at him as one of those Dragons of Yore that are impenetrable but for one weakness that is a scale and that is the vulnerability. What if Reverse-Flash fell for some paramore on Earth and that created the obstacle for him getting back, because much against his will, he'd fallen in love.'"

He ended by saying "there's always room to explore that story", so maybe we haven't seen the last of The Flash universe just yet.

The Flash airs on The CW in the US. Sky Showcase and NOW air the show in the UK.

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