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Ian Morris
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Flickr has always been a great photo-sharing site, it's a great place to store your photos, and it's a useful tool for looking at trends in photography - its Exif search is fabulous. And what it now has, is a free three months for its "Pro" service.

What that means is you no longer have any upload restrictions, and you can access more than just your 200 most recent images. You can also upload unlimited HD video, as well as post images in groups and access more sets. So, Pro is very worthwhile, and Flickr is no doubt hoping that people will enjoy the three months enough to subscribe.

And, of course, like many people, we've been subscribers in the past. The reason we stopped was that the service didn't really offer enough to warrant paying. As a photo showcase, it's a good one, and as a backup solution for your favourite images, it can work well, but other services have eclipsed it. For the quick photo share, there's Twitpic, or similar. For bigger back-ups or transfers, we now use Dropbox.

The newly refurbished mobile app is something that might persuade us though. It works really well, and is ideal for sharing images on Twitter. Plus, it has the benefit of that likeable Flickr backend, which has some really nice features - most importantly, the ability to download the original quality picture, something that should make your archive much more worthwhile than on other sharing sites.

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Whatever you think of Flickr as a service, there's little doubt that a free, three-month trial is a great idea. And, chances are, you'll see something that might make you cough up the $25 a year it costs to keep the account in "Pro" mode. The good thing is, any extra photos you upload that take you beyond the free 200 limit are kept for you, so you can always re-subscribe to see them in the future.

To get your three months free, head over to the Flickr offer page. Just make sure you do so by January 4, when the offer expires. 

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