Flight Attendant Pranks Passengers With Fake Marriage Proposal

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant surprised both his coworker and passengers with a fake marriage proposal during a flight from New York City to Miami.

This video taken by Regev Gur, who said he filmed it on December 2, shows a male and female flight attendant at the front of the cabin.

“We have an awesome announcement we would love to share with you guys,” the man says over the PA, kneeling down in front of his coworker. "This doesn’t usually happen on an aircraft, but this man is about to propose. That’s right, this man is about to propose.

“Propose a great offer on Spirit Airlines!” he announces, to the applause and laughter of passengers.

“This is the best flight attendant I’ve ever had,” said Gur about the prank on Twitter. Credit: Regev Gur via Storyful

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