Flight attendant reveals best seat to minimise turbulence

A flight attendant standing in a plane
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Turbulence during a flight can be unnerving, but there's a simple trick to make it more bearable.

Regardless of whether you're an experienced traveller or someone who gets anxious at the thought of flying, turbulence can unsettle the best of us. It can affect any flight and is caused when an aircraft encounters a strong wind current, which can jostle the plane.

Light turbulence is a common occurrence on flights, but if you're apprehensive about moderate or severe turbulence, it might comfort you to know that it's quite rare. In fact, severe turbulence only happens on 0.0001% of flights globally, says University of Melbourne Associate Professor Todd Lane.

If you're planning your summer getaway in the upcoming weeks and are still worried about even light turbulence, fear not a flight attendant has revealed a simple tip to alleviate your concerns.

In a TikTok video, flight attendant Miva advised her followers that if turbulence particularly bothers you, there's just one thing you need to do to ensure you "feel it the least" during your flight. The best part?, reports the Mirror.

You can do it before you even board the plane.

So what's the trick?

Simply reserve a seat towards the front of the plane. Miva explained: "Book a seat at the front of the plane. If there is any turbulence, you will feel it the least at the front."

The flight attendant also encouraged nervous fliers to speak to the staff on their flight and let them know how they're feeling, as this will let attendants know to "check on you" during the journey. And it's also important you have plenty of things to distract yourself with, such as your favourite playlist or audiobook.

Commenters on the post were thankful for Miva's advice. One person said they were advised to sit at the wing of the plane to avoid turbulence, but another nervous flier insisted that Miva's tip was better.

They wrote: "I felt turbulence on the wing. Definitely, the front of the plane is better."

Another commented: "Thank you so much for this! I've always wondered where the best place to sit on a plane was," while someone else shared: "Thank you. Flying this evening and trying to stay positive."