Flight attendant reveals meal service habit that annoys cabin crew most

Getting bumped up a scheduled flight is possible without having to spend an extra pound.
Cabin crew get their patience tested -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Cabin crew members, who often cater to over a hundred passengers per flight, don't always have the easiest of tasks, especially when faced with less than ideal guests. Ex-flight attendant and consumer affairs commentator, Jane Hawkes, has divulged her insider advice for flyers aiming to ease the workload for the cabin staff.

Jane suggests that travellers can aid in streamlining meal services by timing their bathroom visits appropriately. Speaking to Express.co.uk, she advised: "Try to avoid going to the loo when the catering trolleys are making their way through the cabin unless there are free aisle seats you can pop in and out of."

Crew from the likes of Jet2, easyJet or Ryanair do their best but people tend to get trapped behind a food cart while trying to access the lavatory. It be disruptive for crew members to navigate around a blocked passenger, reports the Express.

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On larger aircraft, those in urgent need might wait near the restrooms until the service cart has moved on, if holding on isn't an option.

When it comes to reclining seats, the question of whether to lean back or not remains a contentious issue among air travellers. While some deem a tilted seat necessary for sleep, others advocate for remaining upright throughout the journey.

Jane recommends: "Politely ask passengers sat behind if it's okay to recline the seat to avoid any disputes requiring cabin crew intervention to resolve."

It's a given that seats should remain in their upright position during meals, as well as when the aircraft is ascending or descending.

As for stowing away carry-ons, Jane didn't provide specific guidance in the excerpt provided.

Jane advised: "Store luggage as directed - place bags under the seat in front of you (except by emergency exits) or in overhead lockers."

"It takes less time then for the cabin crew to perform their all important pre-departure and pre-landing checks. For larger bags, if you can't carry it or lift it, don't bring it."

Passengers should be aware that cabin crew are not permitted to assist with placing bags into overhead lockers, so it's essential to manage your own luggage.

In a sweet gesture, Jane suggests bringing biscuits and chocolate for the crew, acknowledging that they may have been on several flights that day.

It's a thoughtful way to show gratitude to the flight attendants and could brighten their busy day.