Flight attendant shares hotel room tip to stay safe on holiday

TRAVEL: Hotel room
A former flight attendant has taken to TikTok to offer some savvy advice for those checking into hotels. -Credit:(Image: Getty)

As the travel season heats up and Britons begin to venture abroad for their holidays, many might find themselves out of practice with hotel stays. A former flight attendant has taken to TikTok to offer some savvy advice for those checking into hotels.

The ex-cabin crew member, who goes by the username (anjas. adventures) on TikTok, posted a video filled with insider tips from their flying days.

In the clip, they advise: "Never open your door without looking through the spy hole, it could be anyone!".

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Despite robust security measures in place at most hotels, there's always a chance that non-guests could gain access to the premises.

Given that other guests have the liberty to roam the corridors, it's prudent to exercise caution. While it's rare for someone to attempt entry into another's room, safety should never be compromised, reports the Express.

Hotel doors are typically equipped with a peephole, allowing occupants to identify anyone knocking before opening up. Before letting in an unexpected visitor while on vacation, it's wise to make use of the spy hole.

They also suggested: "Replace your room key with a spare card to keep on the air con and your things charging".

Key cards not only grant access to rooms but often control the power supply within, affecting lighting and other electrical amenities.

According to the flight attendant, substituting the room key with a different card can maintain the operation of devices even when guests are away. However, this trick may not be effective in all hotels, and guests should be careful not to leave their actual key card behind.

The cabin crew member advised: "Put something in the safe you won't be able to leave your room without so you won't forget about the rest of your stuff in there." Stashing valuables or crucial documents like passports in the hotel room safe is a common practice for safeguarding them yet, amidst the hustle of holiday packing, it's all too easy to overlook items left in the safe.

On the flip side, travel experts at Hotels and Discounts advise against using the hotel safe for storing important belongings.

They suggest that thieves might first check the safe, proposing instead to conceal valuables within a "hairbrush handle" or "lip balm".

For those looking to minimise risk, the best advice is to bring as few valuables as possible on their travels.