Flight attendant shares the two things you should do if you want an upgrade

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Mandy Smith, a former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant and author, revealed the things you should remember if you plan on asking for an upgrade -Credit:Getty Images

A former member of the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew shared the two things holidaymakers should be aware of if you plan on asking for an upgrade on a flight. Mandy Smith spent over twelve years at Richard Branson’s airline, and also penned the memoir Cabin Fever, which gave an insight into the secrets and behind the scenes of the job.

Mandy recently appeared in an ‘Honesty Box’ interview with LADBible, where she revealed the secret to getting a free upgrade. However, she warned that it’s not as common as you think it is.

In a clip posted to the platform’s TikTok, she answered the burning question: “Oh my god, if I could tell you how many times I’ve been asked this, it’s hilarious,” she said. The first thing you need to remember is to “dress well”.

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Mandy said: “Dress well, and dress for the cabin that you want to be in.”

And the second point? Don’t fly with children. She said: “They will never upgrade children, ever. And be polite, and be nice, don’t shout at anyone, because negative behaviour is not rewarded.”

The former cabin crew member went on to explain that an airline “would never” put a child in first class or Premium Economy class. She added: “Because then the children usually disturb the other passengers. So, that’s why you would never get upgraded with children, and if there were any spare seats, they would usually go first to the people on standby.

“I know that sounds really strange, ‘cause you would give free seats to your staff rather than your passengers, but they really like people to pay for what they’re getting, so they try not to upgrade people for free if they can, sorry.”

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