Flooding From River Severn Edges Toward West Midlands Homes

Severe flooding has swept through towns along the River Severn after the United Kingdom saw extended periods of heavy rain.

Simon Freebairn, who owns and operates Firefly Aerial Imaging Ltd, recorded this drone footage in Bewdley, England, on Wednesday, February 26. He told Storyful he has seen flooding in the past, but was shocked when he saw the high waters on Wednesday.

“Many parts of the UK flood regularly and it affects thousands of people,” he said.

The drone footage shows the tops of trees peeking out of the water, and shows how close the river is to the top of the flood barriers.

The rains are expected to start up again this weekend. According to the UK’s Weather service, the Met Office, more wet weather is forecast for Friday and Saturday, with winds up to 60 mph on Saturday and Sunday. Credit: Firefly Aerial Imaging Ltd. via Storyful