Florida Conservation Workers Help Reunite Baby Panther With Mother

A four-month-old panther kitten was reunited with its mother with the help of conservation workers, Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) said.

Conservation staff found the kitten alone in March. “Biologists used towels with the kitten’s scent to mark along nearby trails in hope of attracting” the mother and reuniting the pair, FWRI said.

The following night, a female panther passed through the area, they said. The kitten was placed in a cage in the area in hopes that the mother would find her. On the third attempt, “a female panther approached and immediately showed maternal behavior toward the kitten,” according to FWRI.

This footage, timestamped March 25, shows the kitten being released from the cage and reuniting with its mother. Publishing the video on May 20, FWRI said, “trail camera footage captured the pair together one month after reuniting.” Credit: MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife via Storyful

Video transcript


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