Flower girl steals hearts at a wedding by twirling and dancing down the isle

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This is the adorable moment a sassy wedding flower girl took her job very seriously and twirled and danced her way down the aisle.

Four-year-old Maci Jane Barnowski dramatically scattered petals at the wedding of her godfather Joe Jackson, 32, who was tying the knot with Sean Heidger, 29.

The wedding guests looked on with smiles and appreciative giggles as Maci put on a very cute performance.

Maci's mum Lindsey Barnowski, 32, said: "When I first saw her I thought 'Oh geeze! Here we go!' - but honestly I expected nothing less. 

"Maci had been talking about this day for weeks. None of us expected her to start twirling though. I just figured, do your thing girl! 

"She has no fear and really enjoys performing in front of people. I think she just figured that's what she was doing. 

"She also had previously said she wanted to make the aisle beautiful for Uncle Joe."

Sean, who was waiting at the top of the aisle for his groom-to-be Joe, said: "I loved every minute of it."

High School PE teacher Lindsey, from Byrnes Mill, Jefferson County, Missouri, said: "They expected some performance out of her as well. She's the type of kid that loves to sing, dance, and act. 

"Sean was laughing along with the rest of the crowd."

Little Maci practiced her flower distribution technique at the rehearsal, where her twirls were met with cheers from the wedding party.

Lindsey added: "I didn't think she would do that once she saw all those people and the long aisle....I was definitely wrong!"

After the ceremony, Maci danced the night away with the rest of her family.

The video was taken on April 17 2021, at 5pm, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.