Floyd Mayweather criticises Conor McGregor for ‘dance boy’ comment during build-up to their fight

Mayweather is estimated to have earned $300 million for fighting Conor McGregor: Getty
Mayweather is estimated to have earned $300 million for fighting Conor McGregor: Getty

Floyd Mayweather has criticised Conor McGregor for comments the Irishman made ahead of the pair’s boxing bout three years ago.

Former UFC champion McGregor crossed over into Mayweather’s sport in August 2017 but was beaten by ‘Money’ via a 10th-round TKO.

With the victory, Mayweather improved his boxing record to 50-0, before going back into retirement.

Ahead of the contest, McGregor did his best to antagonise the American, who believes ‘Notorious’ went too far with certain comments.

“We all should be equal,” Mayweather told rapper Fat Joe in a podcast interview. “It’s just like what people are fighting for now [with the Black Lives Matter movement].

“Don’t judge me for the colour of my skin and I won’t judge you for the colour of yours. When Conor McGregor said disrespectful stuff, talking about ‘dance boy’, they called us monkeys.

“Nobody got behind Floyd Mayweather. This is so crazy.

“When it’s racism among blacks, it’s called colourist. So it’s racism among people right now.

“That’s why every day when I get up I am happy, because I did it for myself and for my children. I made sacrifices.”

McGregor, who claimed to retire from MMA earlier this year but is already hinting at a comeback fight, recently expressed a desire to box Manny Pacquiao, whom Mayweather beat on points in 2015.

Mayweather suggested he would rather watch those two square off than fight either of them again, saying: “I’m a businessman now. I already proved years ago that I was the best – period.

“Listen, I made more with McGregor [than when I fought Pacquiao]. My faculties and everything else comes first – your health is your wealth.”

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