Flying Farage: Fundraiser suggests RNLI name vessel after GB News host

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A fundraiser set up for the RNLI has suggested a new hovercraft could be bought and named The Flying Farage after the GB News host Nigel Farage slammed the charity for saving lives in the English Channel.

A GoFundMe set up by Simon Harris, who also runs the popular Facebook page “Men Behaving Dadly”, has already raised more than £34,000.

It comes after the RNLI was branded “a taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs” by Nigel Farage who bizarrely claimed he had won fights against “bigger and uglier” people than the lifeboat charity in the past.

In the fundraiser description, Mr Harris wrote: “I am trying to raise enough money to buy a new lifesaving hovercraft and I would like it to be called ‘The Flying Farage.’

“I feel that this would be incredibly appropriate due to Mr. Farage taking such an active interest in the RNLI’s activities right now.

“We will purchase a pint of real English ale to smash the front in the naming ceremony.

“If there is loads of money left over we may even buy a second vessel and call it ‘The Galloping Grimes’ or ‘The Hovering Hopkins.’”

The alternative names refer to Brexit activist Darren Grimes, who described the RNLI rescue missions in the Channel as “deeply irresponsible”.


Mr Harris made it clear it would be up to the RNLI what they did with the funds. “At the end of the day, the money will be used in the way that will be of most benefit to them.”

He told the Standard: “People are getting right behind this and they want to show just how much they appreciate the work that the RNLI carries out. 

“Love always wins, basically. 

“The RNLI’s work is more important than the rabble-rousing and dog-whistling of an elite group of right-wing commentators, that’s for sure.”

A RNLI spokeswoman told the Standard that the donations would enable the charity to save every one encountering danger at sea particularly along the south east coast.

She said: “We are incredibly grateful for the donations we receive to enable us to continue saving lives at sea and the outpouring of support we’ve received recently has been overwhelming.

“There are many other things that we need to help run our service aside from lifeboats and hovercraft, including volunteer kit, training and fuel for our lifeboats. 

“[Our supporter's] kindness means so much to us, without them we could not save lives at sea, every one is a lifesaver.”

It comes after RNLI Chief executive Mark Dowie’ said he felt compelled to speak out, revealing volunteers were receiving abuse, and described the crew’s efforts as “humanitarian work of the highest order.”

Last year petitioners also called for a huge new Brexit “lorry park” in Kent to be named after Nigel Farage - Nigel’s Folly or Farage’s Garage.

Thousands of people signed the tongue-in-cheek request to Kent County Council calling for the Brexit Party leader to be recognised for his contribution to the UK leaving the EU.

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